Selective Demolition

What Is Selective Demolition?

Selective demolition refers to the removal, demolition, or deconstruction of specific parts of a home, building, or property. Unlike full demos, selective demolition does not involve demolishing an entire building. Selective demolition is perfect if you want to make renovations, redo your property’s interior, or want to get rid of a feature (like a fireplace or pool) that requires costly maintenance or repairs.

During a partial or selective demolition project, a portion of the house or building is gutted or brought back to studs. This allows you to rebuild or redo large parts of the building without having to keep to the old design or structure.

Our specialized selective demolition services involve the following:

  • Acquiring the necessary permits to conduct a selective demo
  • Inspecting the property or existing structures that require demolition
  • Disconnecting utilities—we first cut and cap the necessary utilities before starting with a demolition, especially during structural demolition like a wall, roof, and ceiling removal
  • Implementing dust control measures that protect other parts of the building and the property from dust and pollution during demolition
  • Quickly and efficiently carrying out the demolition
  • Ensuring the property or building is safe after the demolition
  • Clearing and hauling debris from the property once the selective demolition process is complete
  • Liaising with building owners to ensure the selective demolition is carried out on schedule

Selective Demolition Contractor & Selective Demolition Services

Work We Did

We are committed to providing quality service for selective demolition projects, and going above and beyond to ensure that our customers are completely satisfied.

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Our Services

Besides being an experienced selective demolition contractor, we offer a wide range of additional demolition services, including:

  • Residential demolition – Demolition of residential properties such as free-standing houses
  • Commercial demolition – Demolition of commercial buildings and industrial facilities like factories, malls, restaurants, office buildings, retail centers, and hotels
  • Pool demolition – Partially or fully removing pools from residential or commercial properties
  • Concrete removal – Removing demolished concrete to prep a site for new construction
  • Hauling – Removing and transporting demolition debris, building materials, and reusable materials from the property with heavy-duty dump trailers

As part of our selective demolition contracting, Shoemaker Demolition specializes in partial house demolition and selective demolition operations such as:

  • Fireplace removal
  • Kitchen demolition
  • Bathroom demolition
  • Floor removal
  • House gutting
  • Partial wall demolition
  • Wall removal
  • Ceiling removal
  • Roof tear off
  • Interior demolition

Why Us?

The key to a successful selective demolition project is to understand the job, frequently communicate with clients, and bring the right tools to the job site.

As a young demolition company, we pride ourselves on providing the best possible service to our selective demolition clients. Before we start, we carefully plan and take precise measurements of the site.

Once we start working on a selective demolition project, our demolition team makes sure that features like cabinets and vanities are carefully removed to not damage the drywall. If the drywall is to be removed, we thoroughly remove all screws or nails from the studs leaving the house ready for the next trade.

When it comes to tile floor removal or hardwood glue-down floor, our experienced team ensures the concrete slab is scraped and ground clean, and ready for new flooring installation.

All projects are carried out entirely as per our clients’ requirements. Shoemaker Demolition’s certified team conducts detailed project preparation and ensures that, regardless of the project’s scope, safety standards are always met. With Shoemaker Demo, you can be confident that your project is completed on time, within budget, and in an environmentally friendly manner.

The Shoemaker Demo team is happy to take on complex renovation projects. We’re happy to help with everything from garage conversions to an ADU, and commercial tenant improvement projects. We have the skills and industry experience to perform surgical demolition and selectively demolish only what is required while leaving unaffected areas intact.

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